Chameleon Code

The official trailer for the 95 minute dramedy, Chameleon Code

Chameleon Code is a comedy with dramatic elements, revolving around a group of pop culture-ridden college students and their decision to rob a bank. The ragtag group, all experts in computer programing and hacking, develop a piece of software that allows them to be completely undetected to the bank’s security system (or so they think). The essential plot centers on the planning stages of the bank robbery, and the drama that ensues when a love triangle is created between three of the main characters.

Directed by Charles Winston Propst
Lead Actors: Jared Doreck, Sanna Cahn, Bryan Kaplan, Ryan Sawyer, Mario Velez,
& Andrew Love
Produced by Kevin Housand
Written by Charles Propst & John Randolph
Cinematography by J Ray Hartley
Edited by Charles Propst & Kevin Housand
Executive Produced by: Kevin Housand, J Ray Hartley, and Charles Propst
Music by J Ray Hartley

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