Una Mujer en una Caja

The trailer for the 9 minute short featuring Jared Doreck and Mayra Leal

Una Mujer en una Caja (Woman in a Box) tells the story of a photographer who finds similarities in a statue to his one true passion. Upon following the man, we find out that the photographer is not as innocent as he seems. Only when the man returns to his non-paid hotel room do we find out what his passion truly is. With the filmmaking attributed to the gritty, no rules, jump-cutting style of the La Nouvelle Vague (French New Wave), Una Mujer en una Caja tells a tale of a man, a woman, and their relationship.

Directed by Charles Winston Propst
Lead Actors: Jared Doreck & Mayra Leal
Produced by Charles Propst
Executive Produced by J Ray Hartley, Charles Propst, and Kevin Housand
Cinematography by J Ray Hartley
Writen by Charles Propst
Edited by Charles Propst & J Ray Hartley

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